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A workplace where you are the difference!

At Patria, ordinary people solve extraordinary challenges. When it comes to critical operations on land, sea, air and networks, expertise is vital. 

Unique state-of-the-art technology expertise and decades of experience are the foundation for successful product and service concepts in the future.

As Patria is constantly developing its operations accordig to the requirements in the field, tomorrow your expertise might be what we need. Why not be ahead of others and leave an open application where you can specify your professional competence and fields of interest. We will contact you if a position matching your interests opens up.

In Aviation business unit you will be involved in interesting and important tasks including maintenance, repairs and modifications to aircraft, helicopters and engines and pilot training. Our professionals work on demanding installation, maintenance, design, product development and training tasks. We are committed to our work and proud of what we can do. We take responsibility and it is natural for us to work in close collaboration with our customers. Business locations in Finland are Halli, Linnavuori, Tampere, Tikkakoski, Pirkkala and Utti.

Systems business unit is a center of excellence in software and system integration for over 300 professionals, providing intelligence, control and command systems as well as life-cycle support. Providing systems for the use of situational awareness data-gathering and presentation is at the core of our system know-how.  The locations are Halli, Tampere and Espoo.

International Support Partnerships – business unit targets international growth in life-cycle support. Focus areas in this are maintenance partnerships for military forces and helicopter support. Above all, we value enthusiasm and the ability to learn new things in an international environment, as well as the capability to exploit the opportunities presented by digitalisation. Current locations are in Stockholm and Linköping in Sweden, Liege in Belgium, Bardufoss in Norway, Tallinn and Võru in Estonia and Helsinki and Tampere in Finland.

Land business unit is a leading expert in armoured wheeled vehicles, mortar systems and related systems solutions and life cycle support services. Future competences will relate to new technologies, internationalisation, manufacturing, digital technologies, project and risk management, commercialisation, sales and leadership. The unit has business locations in Hämeenlinna and Tampere.

Aerostructures business unit designs and manufactures demanding composite structures for aircraft and the defence industry. In the future, technical design and manufacturing competences related to composites, project management, and the capability to work in an international operating environment will be at the core of our expertise. The unit has business locations in Halli and Tampere.

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